S.L.I.MAR S.r.l. - opere marittime - trasporti marittimi e fluviali - dragaggi - noleggio pontoni

S.L.I.MAR s.r.l. was founded in 2001 by Mr. Fernando Boscolo together with his sons Massimo, Andrea and Stefano.

Already in the 60’s the Boscolo family operated in the river-marine and lagoon sector, where it gained experience which was then handed down from father to son up to the Company’s incorporation in 2001, thus consolidating its success.

In the first years after incorporation, the company was mainly occupied in the river-marine sector selling inert material, using various sites on the main Venetian rivers such as Po, Adige and Brenta.

Thanks to entrepreneurial choices which led to investment in new ships and diggers, as well as the installation of computerized systems for laying and dredging and the continuous training of personnel, in 2003 S.l.i.mar S.r.l. was called upon to start construction of the “Mose” system (one of the world’s largest hydraulic works), which regulates the tidal flow in Venice’s 3 lagoon mouths, to prevent the “high water” phenomenon.

Now, S.L.I.MAR S.r.l. is specialized in marine works such as dredging, reef construction, general transport, having 3 ships called motor vessel Fernando, motor vessel Nicola Z, and motor vessel Caesar, as well as two motorboats suitable for assisting the main ships.

For maintenance and loading and unloading of material the company has a shipyard of around 6,000 sq mt with around 120 linear metres of waterfront. The shipyard is half way between Venice and the Volta Grimana (Ro) sea lock, and therefore in a strategic position for storing goods in the link between lagoon and the river Po.

The company holds Quality System Uni Eni ISO 9001;2008 and SOA certification with the OG7 category. This certification guarantees the customer, whether public or private, elevated quality standards in each work stage. The Boscolo brothers have succeeded in having a leading role on the market thanks to their experience, energy and “will to work”.