• 500 hp engine
  • telescopic bridge (piston driven) which can be lowered to make the passage under bridges or other low passes easier, therefore the CAESAR is also suited to river works
  • digger RB30:
    – 2.5 m3 generic bucket
  • 2 mooring pylons (one at the bow and one at the stern) used for a more precise dredging progress and guided by an electric winch system
  • licence for waste transport and on behalf of third parties


Built in 1973, and bought by SLIMAR in 1998. Registered with Venice Port Inspectorate.

Considering the vessel’s structural features, it is mainly used for shallow water lagoon canal digs, narrow canal transport and where the river bed is dry.


Length: 50.00 metri
Width: 7.50 metri
Height: 2.50 metri
Payload: 350 metricubi
Draft: 1.10 metri