Nicola Z


  • 2 engines 750hp each
  • 2 mooring pylons (one at the bow and one at the stern) used for a more precise dredging progress and guided by an electric winch system
  • GPS which indicates the vessel’s and the buckets’ precise position with respect to the dig’s planimetry during dredging, further aiding the boom’s operator and the commander on the bridge to better coordinate the works and position the vessel more precisely over the work area. This work system guarantees greater precision during digging, creating the possibility to respect the project’s section to the centimetre
  • Bridge and telescopic housing (piston driven) which can be lowered to make the passage under bridges or other low passes easier, therefore the NICOLA Z. is also suited to river works
  • Cabin and haulage for 6 persons to guarantee a 24 hour work continuity. Normally on board there are a commander, a driver and 2 support sailors, one of whom is a boom operator
  • DiggerLiebherr 873 model (hydraulic with cables) – 7 m3 digging bucket
    – hydraulic system that works some vibrating motors in the bucket, which break up and move the hardest and most difficult terrain to be dredged
    – grabber for loading, unloading and positioning various sized
  • licence for waste transport and on behalf of third parties


Built in 1998 by the Vittoria shipyard in Adria on behalf of Slimar. Registered with Chioggia Harbour Master’s Office for Domestic Coastal Navigation within 6 miles of the coast.

The NICOLA Z motor vessel is used both for deep digs, even over 30 m, and for shallow water digs as it has a flat bottom.


Length: 62.00 metri
Width: 10.00 metri
Height: 3.00 metri
Payload: 700 metricubi
Draft: 1.40 metri