• 2 engines 1.100hp each
  • digger LIEBHERR 895 (the biggest made by LIEBHERR with a lifting capacity up to 200 tons which allows the lifting of large loads such as shipwrecks and facilitates digging and construction works)
  • BOW – TRUSTER system which makes manoeuvring easier thanks to two bow propellers, run by a 500 hp engine
  • 14 m3 digging bucket
  • 5 m3 grabber
  • 30m arm, extendable to 50m, which allows an ample range for loading and unloading materials
  • stern digger for channel digging works, sea walls, pile and sheet pile driving. This feature makes FERNANDO suitable for supporting off-shore rigs.
  • necessary fittings for international navigation
  • three anchors (one at the stern and two at the bow) which aid operations under adverse conditions
  • 2 mooring pylons (one at the bow and one at the stern) used for a more precise dredging progress and guided by an electric and hydraulic winch system


Built by the Venice Corina Shipyard.

Thanks to this vessel, SLIMAR is able to carry out maritime works without limitations due to great distances or adverse weather conditions or other difficulties.

FERNANDO is in fact the best to be found in Italy with regard to autonomy, engines, technology and accommodation (8 persons on double shift). Other than classic maritime works, FERNANDO is used for the construction of open sea fish farms and for precision laying of concrete blocks and rocks in general, as well as building sea walls, supporting reefs and digs in general.


Length: 14.00 metri
Width: 52.00 metri
Height: 4.00 metri
Payload: 1600 metricubi
Draft: 1.50 metri