Digging, filling in and assistance in laying a 1400mm pipeline

In detail

In June 2009 works started on laying a new 1400 diameter pipeline beginning at a mains located near Venice Lido’s beach and stretching out from the coast 10 km perpendicularly to the Venetian coastline. Having acquired this job, SLIMAR made its means available, and more specifically the new pontoon FERNANDO and motor vessel NICOLA Z, suitable for operating in the maritime field.

For this job, SLIMAR will guarantee a dig at a depth of -3 m below average terrain level and this dig started from the Lido’s beach at a depth of – 2.00 m below average sea level to allow passage of its own means. Once the trench is dug and following the pipe laying from a third party’s pontoon, the vessels worked to bury the lain pipe in such a way as to level the whole terrain to bring it up to the original height. To guarantee production and delivery times SLIMAR has used its own means with sand buckets’ capacity of 14 m3 and non-stop operations 24 hours a day for 30 days continuously (3 shifts daily).

All this was possible thanks to SLIMAR’s modern equipment, using satellite positioning for this job, and to the qualified and experienced personnel and the organization’s capacity to handle large amounts of material. The FERNANDO pontoon, together with the digging and filling in operations, also transported 24 m long pipes weighing 1.5 tons which were loaded in the hold by the digger on our motor pontoon and, subsequently, unloaded aboard the pontoon that laid the pipes.

Our motor pontoon was also used for weighing the anchors by using its large and powerful winches. Assistance to divers and anything else of use during works was supplied.