Mose system realization

In detail

For this important commitment SLIMAR has made available the vessel NICOLA Z which since 2003 works 24 hours a day on digging the ditches that will house the mobile bulkheads which should protect Venice from problems linked to high tides. Digs for the Mose system require extremely high precision and much experience, above all for the low tolerance of errors in the dig area (both in the ditch and the slope) and through the notable depth of the sea bed which even reach a depth of -30 below average sea level.

During 2009/10 the boats Fernando and Nicola Z. were also engaged in precision digs for the Mose defence system at the mouth of Malamocco.

Fitted with newly designed and very precise Gps systems as well as very modern equipment (latest design) and highly specialized personnel, thanks to these 2 boats extremely precise digs were made up to a depth of -30 mt below sea level with tolerances of 15 cm.

Other than the digs described above, Slimar also raised the seabed in the recess area with shingle in the area where the Mose containers will be laid, from -27.00 mt below sea level to -23.00 mt below sea level. In this work phase the tolerances are really minimal, in fact the plan allows a maximum error of 5 cm.