Digs and dredging

Port digs: all our vessels are equipped even for great depth port digs (digs made up to -30 mt below sea level). The vessels are fitted with Gps systems, having a precision to within 10 cm, to identify the dredging areas without needing datums or other that could hinder traffic or cause movement thus creating an over section dig.

All the ships are fitted with pylon anchoring systems, to have greater precision over the dig’s progress.

The ships are equipped with a monitoring system where the authorities can identify the vessel’s precise position.

The ships are equipped with various digging buckets depending on the terrain’s compactness and anyway range is from 2.5 mt3 to 14 mt3 of the bucket fitted to motor vessel Fernando.

Canal digs: on the basis of the dig’s dimensions and depth and by using the instrumentation, Slimar is able to satisfy the customer’s needs having the possibility to use vessels of different size and draught.

River digs: the boats are equipped for river digs, even where there are bridges or crossings.

The motor vessels Nicola Z and Caesar’s cabins and masts can be lowered hydraulically through pistons.

Even motor vessel Fernando was designed to pass under bridges and other, having the possibility to hydraulically lower the mast.

The vessels are also fitted with river instrumentation (such as radar, automatic pilot, etc.).