Marine works

Seabed levelling: S.l.i.mar is equipped to carry out levelling on terrain of any consistency through dragging specific equipment along the bed with the motor vessels, which are fitted with engines able to tow this equipment.

Trench digging for pipe laying: our company is able to carry out extremely precise trench digs of any section by using suitable electronic equipment with the possibility of helping in the pipe laying.

Very deep precision digs: we are able to carry out digs with centimetrical precision at great depths as, for example, was done for the construction of the “Mose” (see portfolio).

Pile and sheet pile driving: the motor vessel Fernando is also fit for driving even lengthy sheet piling thanks to the fitting of a crane boom 30 mt long, extendable to 50 mt. To move these it is possible to take advantage of the pontoon’s enormous deck area which measures 24 mt x 11.5 mt.