Rock laying, sea wall, reef and fish farm realization

Rock, acropode, tetrapod, etc. laying: our structure is capable of laying any block of any shape both out of water and submerged, in the open sea too. Our cranes are tested (OIL Register) up to a capacity of 140 t.

Fish farm building: S.l.i.mar is able to construct fish farms for mussels or environments for fish in general, including the construction in reinforced CLS of the blocks and cages, with subsequent sea installation using special equipment without divers.

Sea wall and reef construction: with its own sea going vessels, our company is a market leader in the construction of sea walls and reefs thanks to the use of cranes and quick boats which are easily manoeuvrable thanks to highly qualified personnel. We are able to move an enormous quantity of stone through wharf or ship loading. Seeing the load capacity of the motor vessels, the material’s long distance transportation is possible.